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6oz McClellan Lion 09er Lotion Candle

6oz McClellan Lion 09er Lotion Candle

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The Glass Candle is Our Lotion Candle is made with shea butter, coconut butter, soy wax, fragrance oils and/or essential oils. Simply light the lotion candle. While waiting on the wax to pool into an oil, enjoy the wonderful fragrance as it is filling your room with a relaxing aroma.  The wax will then turn into a super moisturizing oil that is now ready to use as a lotion or massage oil. Extinguish the flame and use the bamboo spoon to pour the oil onto your body, hands, feet, or legs and massage into skin.  If the oil irritates skin discontinue use immediately and rinse off of skin with soapy water. Also, our lotion melts can be used the same way as our lotion candles by putting them in your wax melting pots.   Do Not Leave Spoon in Jar While Candle Is burning!  Do Not Leave Candle Unattended while Candle is Burning.        



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