This Is Our Story

In late 2016, I was in search of a career that I could use my gift of crafting. So...I started praying to God every night to bring me a job that made me happy and would also make me a living at the same time. 


The saying goes "If you have a job that you enjoy, you will never work a day in your life".


My prayers continued and  I prayed every night and about 3 months. One morning,  I opened my eyes, sat up in bed and I said, "I am going to make candles and I am going to sell them!"

At that moment I told myself that "Failure was Never Going To Be An Option" And so, It began.  


I had no idea how to make candles but I was about to learn. At this point- what did I have to loose, right?   Thanks to the internet!  In Januray 2017 Candles and Cream Collection was created.


That is how my Journey started.   

And I embraced my journey!

Quotes and Verses I Live By:

"Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all might" Ecclesiastes 9:10

"Failure can NEVER be an Option"

"If you Dreamed it.....  Dream it Bigger"

"If it is meant to be, It is up to me"

"People do not choose dreams, Dreams choose people" 

"Your limitations-is only in your imagination"

"Great Things never come from Your Comfort Zone"

"Success does not find you....  If you want it..... You will have to Dream It.....Eat It...... Sleep it......"

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Candles and Cream Collection was established in early 2017 with little more than a dream and a prayer. With humble beginning in our home, Candles and Cream Collection has quickly grown into a retail store supported by an adjacent production facility to accommodate the wholesale side of the company.

Our products are hand-crafted with the finest quality fragrances and essential oils to create the perfect scents and textures for a relaxation experience.

As one of Arkansas' premiere candle companies, we stand behind our one-of-a-kind quality products.

We are confident you will enjoy our soy wood wick candles, soy wax melts, emu hand and body lotions as well as many bath and body products.

We know you will find Candles and Cream Collection an asset to your Home or Business.

Contact us for more information.